Charity Reading of Walter The World’s Worst Pirate

Thank you SO much for agreeing to provide a read-along of Walter The World’s Worst Pirate. This will be used by children, teachers and parents all over the world. Walter The World’s Worst Pirate is the new worldwide bestseller by author NGK.

We just need you to provide a reading to camera and we will edit and add music titles, and upload it onto YouTube. If you would also like the file to put on your own channel/use for audition tapes, we’d be more than happy to let you have it.

The Steps would be:

  1. Record the below script to camera.
  2. Send the clip to us via WeTransfer or similar.
  3. We will edit and add titles to the video and upload it to youtube.
  4. We can either let you have the link or let you have the finished file.
  5. You are agreeing that we can use the recording on our YouTube channel, and we are agreeing that you can use the recording on your social media, you tube channel and in any audition submissions you’d like.

Your finished video will look something like this:

The full colour PDF version of the book is here:

The text only for the book is here:

When you are finished please send a link to your video to :